Is This The Best Video Footage Ever Filmed of the Mysterious Triangle-Shaped ‘UFO’?


The mysterious triangle-shaped ‘unidentified flying object’ is perhaps one of the most famous of UFOs.

Seen on countless occasions all around the world, the triangle-shaped UFO is perhaps the ultimate proof that UFO does not necessarily mean Extraterrestrial.

All evidence currently seems to support the idea that the mysterious object is in fact nothing other than an ultra-secret flying vehicle belonging to the government of the United States.


Dubbed as the TR-3B, the triangle shaped UFO was spotted by a driver who was returning home from work when he managed to record using his mobile, one of the best videos of the mysterious flying object.

Upon reviewing the recording, he observed that he had, in fact, spotted something inexplicable, a bright triangular object, flying in the distance.

The video has already accumulated thousands of ‘Likes’ after the source, who spoke to The Daily Star on condition of anonymity, published the footage online.


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