Jordan Maxwell 2018 | Ancient Origins, Reptilians, Antarctica & Inner Earth Civilizations

Podcast | DOWNLOAD MP3

Jordan Maxwell comes on the show to discuss his life long research into forbidden knowledge, conspiracies, and the occult! We talked about the Nephilim, the creation story, aliens, government cover-ups, and much much more!

Talking Points:
ancient origins, ancient mysteries, creation myths, origins of civilization, Mars, Secret Space Program, Zacharia Sitchin, nephilim, fallen angels, reptilians, David Icke, UFO’s, aliens, Grey’s, extraterrestrials, government secrecy, government cover-ups, underground bases and tunnels, Phil Schneider, Antarctica, inner earth, hollow earth, Jordan Maxwell,Jordan Maxwell 2018, Jordan Maxwell interviews, Michael Tsarion, documentary, documentaries, top spiritual podcasts,best podcast, top conspiracy podcast, best conspiracy podcast, ancient aliens, mysteries, Atlantis, Lemuria, hidden history, occult, knowledge, third eye

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